Dragons Under my Bed

I got some white faes with yellow curcuit for sale!

M: Ice/Azure/Banana circuit

F: Ice/Seafoam/Banana circuit

M: Ice/Emerald/Lemon circuit

I quite like the Ice/Azure boy, he could also look really cute with underbelly instead of the circuit. 

I’m also looking to sell their baby daddy, Capriccio:

Ice/Purple/Banana circuit

Send me a crossroad for anything above 7k treasure and you can have one of these hard candy dragons for yourself! :)

I’m also willing to haggle.

I still haven’t quite decided on mommy, Zest, bottom pic, Ice/Green/Lemon circuit, cause I still think she’s rather striking. The range between her and Capriccio is just a bit too limited for what I like at the moment, but if anyone sees this and falls in love with her, I’m willing to talk :)